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Catching up with The Planty Herbs

Written by Mike

The Planty Herbs have been 88 till infinity-favorites from day one, which actually isn’t that long ago. Still, we thought it would be good for y’all to meet eachother. TPH tell us about their production proces, their favorite piece of gear and other topics of that nature.¬†

Can you introduce yourself to us?
We’re Robbert and Bobby, also known as The Planty Herbs. We’ve been making music together for like two years now. We both live in a small town called Tilburg, in the South of the Netherlands.

How did the whole beattape series come in to play?
Making a beattape was just an idea we had to spread simple and unfinished tracks we we’re not going to release or finish anyway. It’s a great way to let people know what we’re doing and it let’s our demographic know we are still alive and kicking! We’ve noticed you also put our 24 hour-beattape on display. This was a crazy idea we had one night about making a beattape in 24 hours straight. The results we’re quite nice! We we’re pleasantly surprised about the depth of our inspiration that night!

Can you tell us something about your release on Wax On Records and how it all went down?
This is a funny story! One worth mentioning, we think! We we’re quite inspired by the Nightmares On Wax aka DJ E.A.S.E. He owns the Wax On imprint and we always thought it would be cool, if we could get a release on it. There was no big master-plan or anything of that nature. We had contemplated sending them a demo, but we we’re not confident enough the tracks we we’re producing back then would be “Wax On-material”.

We decided to get a MySpace-account and did some other stuff to present ourselves to the world. Out of the blue, we we’re approached via MySpace by a member of The Deadbeats. They had released some material on Wax On Records in the past and he was interested in one of our tracks. He asked us if we could send it to him. We did, but we never heard from them again. They did us a solid though, because the demo had found it’s way to Nightmares On Wax aka DJ E.A.S.E. He e-mailed us asking us to get on Skype ASAP. He told us he got a hold of our demo via The Deadbeats and he really liked it. We chitchatted for a while and decided to release the track as an EP on Wax On Records.


How did u guys get in to producing music?
Bobby started out as a Hardstyle-producer. He was part of a duo called Headhunterz, who are very successful nowadays. Bobby started getting in to different kinds of music and decided to quit Headhunterz to start expanding his musical skills and vision.

Robbert started playing the guitar at the tender age of eight. He got some guitar lessons, but soon found out practicing his skills wasn’t one of his hobby’s. Robbert than decided he’d form his own rock-band, but again this wasn’t a raging success. He couldn’t find any friends who played instruments! So instead of forming a rock-band he went on to download Fruityloops. And the rest, as they say is history.

How important is your school, The Rock Academy, in the way you guys write your songs?
It’s not that important for actually writing the songs. At The Rock Academy, the mainly teach technical stuff and give you insights in to how it could be done. The real teachers, we think, are our friends, who also make music. The provide us with inspiration and fresh ideas. It’s like a positive competition. You motivate each other by always trying to increase the quality of your tracks.

Our songwriting process is not a one of a kind thing. We just start with whatever feels good. It’s all about having fun, we think. Don’t allow yourself to think too much. Just go for it!

Do you guys have different roles in the production process?
No, not really. The only thing we do is, we switch seats once in a while. This is process which can often be accomplished in peace. But there are times the seat switching is not that friendly. We then include some shouting, punching and other things of that nature!

What’s on your wishlist gearwise?
Our number one wish at the moment would be a new Mac PC. We currently use our MacBooks to produce our music, but we are convinced we’d make even cooler tracks if we’d have a monster of a computer. The Logic latency error’s are getting a bit too much these days!

What’s the most valued unit in your gearlist today?
Every unit in our studio has it’s own role, but I think our tape deck actually is our most valued piece of gear. It’s not valuable in a money sort of way, but it’s an essential way of how we make music. We own an Akai GX4000D (it can only record the left audio track), and we use our Tascam Portastudio 414 quite a lot. The Tascam Portastudio allows us to record our beats on cassete tapes and we record it back in to the computer. Both units costs us like 40 bucks!

What’s in the pipeline for The Planty Herbs?
We’re very busy with our graduation at the moment. Next to that we are trying set up a liveset. We also want to try to finish our album as soon as possible.

Our second record will be released on Wax On Records and is called “The Output EP”. It will be released the 22th of February. We are very happy with the result. Be on the lookout!

Check out TPH at Myspace | Soundcloud | Twitter

The Planty Herbs – Music Is The Word – WAX12010 by The Planty Herbs

The Planty Herbs – Disco 2080 – WAX12010 by The Planty Herbs

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