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If only I could think of a title

Written by Ben

In this post, I’m going to embed videos of bands covering, and/or jamming on a few different songs that I’m sure you’ll all know. It’s all just videos on youtube that I’ve found over the past year or so. They’ve all stuck with me, and so I thought I’d share them.

This is a cover of Stakes is High by De La Soul, produced by J Dilla.

If you were a child, or a young teenager in the 90s, and don’t know this, I feel bad for you.

The sax is messy on this, but it’s a cover of/jam based on The Root, by D’angelo. Pino Palladino is on the bass, and he done a lot of the bass on D’angelo’s Voodoo, which this track is on. He didn’t do this track, though.

Listen to these, and let go of it all.

  1. dalena

    These are great. I love the Stakes is High cover a lot.

  2. Buerra

    I love the first one.. It’s insane