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Emily King (Shine Some Light On)

Written by Ben

Emily King is an American Soul singer, who has been nominated for a Grammy, but hasn’t had much commercial success. She has released one album called East Side Story (which is what got her the Grammy nomination), and one EP, called Seven.

Her EP, Seven, came out in July last year, and apparently it was all recorded in her home. It sounds great for being recorded in her home, especially considering the state of some mixes that come out nowadays, after the songs’ve been recorded in a big studio.

This song is called Down, and it’s from the aforementioned EP.

Here is a free download. You have to enter your email address, though.

Her most well known song is probably Walk In My Shoes, released in 2007. This is it here:

The first version I heard is featuring Lupe Fiasco, which you can hear by clicking here.

You can follow her on twitter here, and on tumblr here, look upon her face on facebook here, and see her visually moving, with your eyes, on youtube here.

  1. Buerra

    Awesome. So relaxin’