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“Nobody Walks” Sundance Film Review

Written by Dalena

A young 23 yr old named Martine (Olivia Thirlby) from New York flies to Los Angeles and stays with a family who accepted to take her in to get her black-and-white film of insects scored with the help of the father, Peter (John Krasinski).

Martine is this free-spirited and independent young woman who is both connected and disconnected from reality. Her ignorance and beauty is her appeal and, soon enough, relationships collide into a big ball of cliche. Peter falls for Martine because of her curiosity and interest in his work. Martine woos Peter’s assistant but Peter’s step-daughter, Kolt (India Ennenga), has a huge pre-teen crush on the assistant so her nerdy best friend goes ignored. To add this in here, wife of Peter lusts for her own patient. So you see? It’s just this sadly created tension throughout the movie! WAHHH.

What will happen next you ask?! You probably won’t have to ask because the story won’t be foreign to you. Even the characters and performances were cringe-worthy. All of the emotions are either underdeveloped or exaggerated. The characters were hard to connect with where focus was distributed among the unimportant. I couldn’t grasp on the actual impact it had on the family or each individual character thus it became uninteresting.

Even the underlying idea of the movie (explained by director Ry Russo-Young during Q&A) is juvenile. As if Martine, though self-absorbed, should hold responsibility for the actions and thoughts of others. I do like the idea of seeing how an outside force changes a stable environment, but it was poorly constructed in this case. Overall, the movie was a challenge to sit through and I would imagine spending time watching a different movie if given the option.