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Cruger – The Lazy EP

Written by Von

Cruger is both an internationally respected battle rapper and a co-founder/editor of the UK’s top battle league Dont Flop. Know for his horrorcore stlye and use of punchlines, this EP may not be what you would expect.

As always with Cruger, The Lazy EP is a little unconventional which has resulted in it not getting the best reception from people. I am really unsure why as its both well executed and a nice break from the norm. It maintains the hip hop sound we all love, using a slew of well known beats while Cruger does incredibly when it comes to making them his own. The punchlines are still there and the writing in general is great, the fact he has taken a relaxed approach to making it really comes across without sounding like its been made half heartedly.

Personally I think Cruger has found a style that really suits him and is enjoyable to listen to. I would urge you all to take the time and listen to and purchase the full EP on bandcamp.