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Noora Noor

Written by Von

Known as Norway’s queen of soul, Noora Noor has had international success as well as receiving a Norwegian Grammy for her latest release “Soul Deep”. From being signed at the tender age of 15, Noora has maintained a soulful style that captures the essence of neo-soul/southern soul music.

Noora started out very early, performing in her local area when she was as young as 8, before being signed to Warner Music at the age of 15. She started work on her first album “Curious” with producers Stargate, the album was a success and not only raised Noora’s profile but helped to launch Stargate’s career as internationally respected producers. Below is the most popular single from the album, “Need You”, which was played regularly on MTV’s “The Lick”

Her latest album “Soul Deep” clearly takes its influences from the blues and soul music of southern America, with its bluesy piano runs and soulful guitar licks. The album is produced by Kid Andersen, a Norwegian blues guitarist who has worked on numerous neo-soul and blues releases as a producer. Overall, the album is really solid and really captures that southern soul style, not just in the playing style but sonically as well. Noora’s voice is incredible and along with the other writers involved, she has done a great job lyrically.

According to Noora Noor’s website, she is currently working on her new album which she hopes to have released around spring of 2012. For more information about her new album or anything else Noora related you can go to

You can also follow her every thought and movement on twitter @soulnoor
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