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88 Till Infinity: The Archives

Written by Ben

At 88 Till Infinity, we have abilities other than typing posts, giving our opinions, and running a website, we are artists as well. This website is by artists, for artists, and this 21 track beat tape is proof of that.

These beats, by 88 founders, are beats that were probably never going to see the light of day. Some of them are years old, some even had to be touched up very slightly to even sound complete enough to be heard at all, and a lot are almost completely unmixed. The Archives is a series of tapes that will contain instrumentals made over the years, by the team and maybe even by others if we manage that, that either were deemed unworthy of being released, remained unfinished, or nobody claimed, in order to use.

Unless you want to donate, this is a free download, and artists are free to use these, non-commercially, and if any of you happen to do that, we’d like to hear, out of interest, because we might want to post the best ones, and also because someone out there might work well as a future collaborator. So, if you use any, email either,,, or

Now, without any further introduction, here it is:

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