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Writer’s Wednesday-Submit Writing Now!

Written by Dalena

Starting today, we’re introducing a new series called Writer’s Wednesday. This new series is aimed to showcase amazing writers: from bestselling authors to recreational bloggers. We’re ready to give proper attention to those great authors out there whether already in the public light or sitting in the shadows.

Every Wednesday we will post a piece of writing ranging from prose, poetry, short stories, lyrics, and etc. We’ll be roaming the internet looking for talented and creative people but your contribution is important, too. That is why we’ve allowed the option for our readers to submit their own writing or writing that they are particularly fond of.

So, submit amazing writing below and let’s get this series started!

88 is proud to present the Writer's Wednesday Series to showcase writers of all different lights. Writer's Wednesday features all writers along the popularity spectrum: from works of J.D. Salinger to everyday bloggers and welcomes a variety of formats (poetry, prose, short story, lyrics, etc), if you are unsure, just submit it and we will get back to you. If you are a writer or are fond of a specific piece of writing, please feel free to submit to us and we'll review the work and post it accordingly.

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