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If you do work, it’ll pay off, part 2

Written by Ben

A 9-year-old boy named Caine, built a cardboard arcade, complete with prizes and even tokens, in his dad’s auto-parts shop, and he opened it every weekend, when his dad wasn’t using the shop. Here is what happened.

He didn’t care about any goal, or any vision, he wasn’t bothered by set backs and disinterest, he done work, just to do work. It wasn’t even out of determination, it was just because that is what he done, and look what happened. Kids do things just to do things, it isn’t until we grow up into young adults that we become so focused on the end goal, and so focused on what we can get, that we trip up on the things on the way there. Plus, we all love to be seen as strong, determined, hardened, inspirational people, we love a story and character behind ourselves, so we sometimes make and embrace problems to give us it, and it gets in the way of things. Do you think this little kid cares about his image? What matters more to you, your made up ‘character’ or success? Do work to do work, let go of unnecessary determination in achieving specifics, let go of being some character, and be open to anything.