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Crazy Art

Written by Ben

Crazy Art is a documentary looking at the link between art and mental illness, and how it might help sufferers cope with the symptoms of whatever it is they have.

In the trailer, it’s claimed that through the artists work, the ability to find therapy is found. It’s seemingly their way of giving something to humanity, and having some sort of influence on the world, even if it is just existential.

One of the women says that if she wasn’t in the position she is in, she’d be a scientist. It’s sad, people like this, who also have creative talent, mixed with a lust for knowledge and the objective, really might be of great use to science, considering that some creative and imaginative thinking is needed for new discovery and invention. While I think that there should be no box in the first place, the fact is that for the majority, there is a box that they are in, but for these people, they are in a completely different one, in a completely different universe.

The film was directed by Justin Thomas Rowe, and if you want more information on the film, and/or want to purchase it, you can visit the website for it here.