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Supersize Me Refutations

Written by Ben

I’m sure most of you know of the documentary Supersize Me that was released back in 2004, though what I’m sure most of you DON’T know is that it’s full of shit.

Unless you’re really into health and fitness. A few years ago, after one failed attempt to put on muscle mass and get ripped at 17, some years before, though continuing to read and learn about how, both in diet and exercise, I went for it and haven’t stopped since. During that time, I got sick of eating so incredibly plainly every now and again, because it’d start to make me gag, eating the same things, all day, every day. I done a lot of research on what could be eaten, and what I could do with what I already have to give it more flavour, and change it up a bit, and I found that technically, you could eat ever whatever you want, as long as you balanced your nutrition, paid some attention to things like insulin and other hormones, and made sure that you were burning enough calories to either maintain your body fat percentage, or go down, depending on where you are and your goals. That includes McDonald’s. If you really wanted to, you could eat McDonald’s every day, and maintain a relatively fit and healthy lifestyle. There is, in fact, some things that are good for you in McDonald’s food, and that doesn’t exclude things like double cheeseburgers. It’s not something I’d recommend, and I still eat ridiculous amounts of chicken breast and all that, but it is possible. I eased up a bit.

There have been several refutations of the documentary released since. The first one I saw was Down Size Me, a rebuttal by Chazz Weaver, who ate McDonald’s for 30 days straight, and actually went down in body fat percentage. You can see Part 1 here:

This is part 2:

You can find the rest on youtube, by clicking one of the videos and going to his channel. You can also follow Chazz Weaver on twitter here and visit his website here.

Another one I watched is called Fat Head. It goes deeper into it than the previous one, and the food that he eats is much more ‘unhealthy’ than was eaten in the first documentary, just to show you how far it can go. Here is a couple of clips:

Visit the website here. You can follow the maker, Tom Naughton, on twitter here.

I want to say again that I don’t recommend a fast food diet, I don’t recommend any type of diet that even resembles a fast food diet, I’m just pointing out that we can all ease up on ourselves a bit, because what we’re told about it all is just scare mongering. Eat pretty much anything, in moderation, and you’ll be fine.