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The Underrated – Klashnekoff

Written by Ben

Klashnekoff is a highly underrated emcee from The UK, who has been properly active since about 2004. When it comes to his mix of lyrical complexity, lyrical content, and musicianship, he is arguably The UK’s best, at actually making music.

There’s better emcees when only taking punchlines and that type of thing into account, however, not many put everything together like Klashnekoff does. His first album The Sagas of…, released in 2004, produced these singles:


It’s Murda

All I Got

In 2007, after the release of his second album, which he apparently later dismissed as something he didn’t really want to do and was motivated by financial gain, he was nominated for a BET award – best UK Hip Hop artist, which, if I remember rightly, he lost to Giggs. The only single I know of from his second album, Lionheart Tussle with the Beast, is My Life:

Since then, he has released another album called Back to the Sagas, and I’m actually not too sure about that album. I have heard it, but at the time, I didn’t pay much attention to what he was doing, cause his sound had changed, and it didn’t hit me like his previous music did, and so I don’t know about any singles released or anything. In between, he has released a mixtape called ‘Focus Mode’, which is also worth listening to.

You can follow Klashnekoff on twitter here, find him on facebook here, and listen to him on spotify here and here. There’s two different spotify links because he is on there under two slightly different names.