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Josh Osho – L.I.F.E

Written by Ben

Josh Osho is a young artist from the UK, who released his first single back in 2011. It was an extremely well done track, featuring Ghostface Killah, but it didn’t do well at all.

The song is called Redemption Days, and I’m pretty sure I’ve heard it on ads recently, which might be why Josh Osho is back in my consciousness again. The track really was well done, great vocals, great production, uplifting, it just didn’t seem to get the attention it deserved. Then again, I don’t pay attention at all to what goes on in the charts, or on the radio, I actually found out about this track while working out, and having MTV Base on for one of the first times since I was a teenager.

Since the release of that single, he has released an album called L.I.F.E. It was produced, apparently, by RZA. The album has a vibe similar to old UK Soul artists from the 90s, like Gabrielle. I’m not saying he sounds like her, or anything like that, I’m just saying, the ‘vibe’ is similar, the feeling. Here is an example of the sound, and the aforementioned single, Redemption Days:

Follow Josh Osho on twitter here, find him on facebook here, and listen to him on Spotify here. Also, visit his website here.

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