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Nemo Achida

Written by Ben

Nemo Achida is a rapper I recently discovered from either Brooklyn, or Kentucky, I can’t quite work it out. He is another one of the emcees truly taking it back a bit, rather than just hinting at it.

I’m liking more new Hip Hop/artists than I have for years just now. For a long while, I had an almost aggressive ‘everybody is wack!’ mentality, and I couldn’t understand people getting excited over these mediocre artists who were supposedly ‘different’ and ‘saving Hip Hop’. Even people I thought should ‘know better’ were highly praising artists I thought were average.

As I said, this is more of the taking-it-back-a-bit type of sound that’s catching on, though it isn’t pretentious, it’s just picking up where Hip Hop left off, just before it went a bit wild.

Here is an example of a track, called 99 Problems (no, not THAT 99 Problems):

Find more of his music on bandcamp here, follow him on twitter here, find him on facebook here, and watch his face on vimeo here.