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Album Review: Teresajenee – “Electric Yellow”

Written by JonnyQuine

There’s a warmth that permeates Teresa Jenee’s latest release on Bandcamp “Electric Yellow”. Not warmth in the audiophile sense so much as a warmth of perfectly imperfect humanity. Each song plays like a private diary or love letter. There’s honesty here, a total lack of contrivance.

From a musical standpoint Teresa pulls from varied influences, dance-floor electronica to pulsating Prince-like tapestries on to acoustic piano flights tempered with ambient noise. Her voice is more than capable, but she manages not to get lost in vocal acrobatics to the affect of serving her intimate songwriting muse completely. All throughout Electric Yellow you hear the words and you feel the words.

The only regret I have over Electric Yellow is that I couldn’t pay for it. In this day and age of copycat beat-makers and sub-par, self-proclaimed ‘rock-star’ culture it’s incredibly refreshing to delve into such a well executed artistic expression. Electric Yellow is an incredibly cohesive work that is well worth the bandwidth. Although there’s really not a bad track in the bunch, here are a few highlights:

In “Electric Yellow” waves of scattered electro drums and synths collide like the ocean on Ibiza with no chance of drowning out Teresa’s showcase of vocal power.

“Cleopatra Love & War” stretches icy pads over tumbling, crisp drum work. When the lead vocal takes flight it’s hard not to conjure thoughts of The Purple One in his heyday.

“Kissing U” is the love theme written for Baz Luhrmann’s fabulous take on “Romeo & Juliet”. I always loved the song but felt Craig Armstrong’s production was sub-par (although I LOVE Armstrong’s work). This version sends the song into the upper stratospheres of emotion while never losing the songs original essence. An awesome listen.

“Timber” is another wonderfuly honest song. Dilla-esque electro soul.

Download “Electric Yellow” using the player below. Peace.