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Who Wants to Hear Fallen Rap About _____?

Written by Ben

Who Wants to Hear Fallen Rap About ______? is a new series we are starting, where you pick the most outlandish topic(s) you can think of, and even suggest beats if you really want to, and Fallen raps about it/them.

Who is Fallen? You bastards, why didn’t you pay attention?! Fallen is a friend of a couple of members of the site, who recently released an album you can read about and find here, because we posted about it.

This will happen once a week, for as long as we want, and it’ll start when we have the first topic and Fallen has recorded. Depending on how this goes, that could be a few days from now, or it could be a week from now. We’ll see.

The topic can be anything you want it to be, and it is actually better the more zany it is. You can suggest beats, too, though the beats you suggest aren’t guaranteed to be used. Producers can even send in their own beats, if they really want to.

Alright, first topic, go!

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  1. Anonymous

    Harp playing monkeys who shove their fingers up each others asses if someone gets better than them at playing harp

  2. Anonymous

    A ballin goldfish comes home to find his wife dead and upside down in the water, he then goes on a hunt to find the culprit, the squirrel king.