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Tim William ft. Julian Stephen, The Kid Daytona and Mic Terror – Pulp Fiction

Written by Ben

This is something we got in the mail, and it’s definitely different to what we’d usually post in general, but it’s an example of how a more mainstream sound doesn’t have to be simplified and dumb as fuck.

I’m not sure who any of these people are, which is most likely due to the type of sound they’re into, it’s not something I am up on, however, every emcee featured on this track is lyrical technique and rhyme wise, and their flows are really on point and bounce along the drums, almost becoming part of the instrumentals percussion. The actual content of the song isn’t the best, and the hook is a like an overly auto-tuned, cheap Drake hook, but skill wise, from the emcees, it’s proof that commercial, ‘club banger’ or mainstream music isn’t bad on its own, which is what is assumed by a lot of ‘purists’.

By the way, it’s a free download.