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Kananji – Fool’s Gold

Written by Von

Kananji (formerly “Rising Son”) is a rapper from Malawi, he recently teamed up with producer Dominant One, the result is Fool’s Gold.

Kanaji’s Bandcamp describes Fool’s Gold as:

“Fool’s Gold” is NOT an album as that would imply some sort of cohesion, nah, it’s a collection. A collection of experiences, thoughts, accumulated wisdom and irreverent bullshit. It’s a glimpse into Kananji at that stage in time and that state of mind. It’s not entertainment, it’s truths and half truths, youth and age, mistakes and corrections dispensed from one heart, one brain, two lungs and a voice box.

Kananji is at a good level of skill technique wise, his flow and delivery are nice and he sounds confident on the mic. He builds a dope vibe on each track and it has a “taking it back” feel. The beats are also great, Dominant One flips the samples well and creates some 90s influenced sounding beats that get your head nodding.

You can follow Kananji on Twitter @Risiiing, like his Facebook here and check out his SoundCloud here.

  1. chipo

    Dominant 1 has released a single featuring kananji Called Unstoppable
    here the link