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Joe Budden Gives Previews of New Slaughterhouse on Blogtv

Written by Ben

Joe Budden was on Blogtv last night, and he let fans hear previews of some new Slaughterhouse material. You can see the video/hear the tracks here.

As a bit of extra information for anyone who might be interested – I and another team member frequented Blogtv extremely often back in Summer 2009, so if any of our readers did, too, there’s a chance that you actually know us/know of us. Joe Budden went on all the time back then, to the point where he was on while on the Slaughterhouse tour bus. This young woman even sent him a pizza to the bus, and he got embarrassed. I also remember a couple of young women with a stripper pole ending up on the bus, and Slaughterhouse being wary of their age and so telling them that they weren’t going to let them strip for them. Everything Joe Budden said was followed by an LOL avalanche if he said it in text, especially if it was in someone else’s room, no matter what he said, even if it wasn’t supposed to be funny. I’m talking like 30+ LOLs, one after the other.

No, we didn’t just follow Joe Budden around, that same member and I were connected to Joe Budden at the time because we were working with an artist he was feeling and was trying to do something with (yes, we do that too – production [of all types, beat making, mixing/mastering, executive production, helping you choose which tracks should be on the final product, telling you what you should and shouldn't change on specific tracks and so on] project management, PR/marketing, and more. If you are interested in any of that, contact us via the contact us button at the bottom of the page. It’ll cost you, though). We all just happened to use blogtv often at the time, so due to the connection, we sometimes ended up in the same rooms or whatever. No, we don’t know Joe Budden, don’t be ridiculous, he was in our network.

Follow Joe Budden on twitter here, watch his entertaining and interesting videos on his youtube channel here, find him on facebook here, and visit his website here.