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Ill Conscious aka Lavar Conscious

Written by Ben

Imagine a mix between a later-in-his-career (meaning more complex) AZ, a Capital Punishment Big Pun, the ‘consciousness’ of Talib Kweli and the passion/word choice of Tupac to put the ‘conscious’ message across, now get ready to hear it.

I put two tracks, one after the other, without saying anything, because there isn’t much to say. He is just ill. By 30 seconds in to track 2, I literally said ‘what the fuck son?!’ out loud, nodding my head in my own little world. His multi syllables, assonance and writing techniques in general are crazy, his flow is immaculate and is tightly in the drum pattern with timing that could rival J Dilla, he has ridiculous breath control (I can’t catch any punch ins, though maybe it’s just the engineer is good at covering them up), and he sounds completely comfortable and natural at the mic.

How I found him was through Rome Cee, after hearing him featuring on this track (he is the first to rap):

I inquired about him and asked for some contact, through Rome Cee. If you know anything at all, you’ll know why, it’s self explanatory after hearing him rap.

Follow him on twitter here, find his face on facebook here listen to him on soundcloud here, and here, and subscribe to him, or just watch his videos, on youtube here

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