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88 Release: Beatsofreen – Future Memories

Written by Mike

Yay! It’s here. The kick-off to our series of instrumental EP / Beattapes that will be released via 88 Till Infinity. We are overwelmed with joy and emotion. Thanks, Beatsofreen for letting us exclusively release this awesome bitchin’ instrumental release. Download “Future Memories” & get to know it’s creator after the jump!

Can you give us a quick introduction? Who are you?
Of course I can! My name is Bastiaan, also known as Beatsofreen. I am an 18-year old beatcreator from Bodegraven, The Netherlands. I’ve been making music for about three years now. I’ve been moving towards the instrumental side of production lately. The fruits of my labour are bundled within my EP / Beattape: “Future Memories”. Oh, about the pronounciation of my name: in Holland it’s pronounced Beats O Freen, but a lot of English people I work with tend to call me Beats Of Reen. Doesn’t matter, it’s all good!

Can you eleborate on your love for instrumental music?
I’ve been listening to instrumental music for a while now. It has always had a certain appeal on me. I enjoy working with vocalists, but only when they can really tie a track together. Instrumental music equals a lot of creative posibilities, which I thourougly like. You can work outside of certain boxes and rules, you’d have to keep in mind when working with a vocalist. If it feels good, it is probably good!

Which artists have a big influence on you?
Definitly Flying Lotus! Besides Fly Lo, J. Dilla, DJ Premier, De La Soul, Bill Evans & Miles Davis.

What’s the most important part to your creative proces?
When it comes to making music, I am a bit of a perfectionist. I want everything to sound exactly like I want it too. Actually finishing projects has been an important thing for me lately. I tend to re-mix and rearrange my tracks until infinity. Which makes it hard to finish projects. If we are talking more specific, I’d say my drum programming is very important to me. Good drums, can make shitty samples or shitty synths, sound pretty decent.

Whats in the pipeline for Beatsofreen?
Currently I am trying to figure out if I can do an album with some vocalists. I have finished a few tracks I want to use for that same project. But we’ll have to wait and see. Apart from that, my next instrumental EP is coming. I’m like halfway there. The atmosphere will be rawer than “Future Memories”, but it’ll still have a jazzy and soulful feeling to it!

Feel free to tell us what you think by using the comment box below!

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  1. Rubarb

    Awesome! Keep it up dude!

  2. Nice job on the beat tape.

    It’s got a very laidback sound to it, but also some crazy bangers.
    Also good use on the 8bit sounds.

    Big up!

  3. Leeyong

    Shit is crazy!!

  4. Phase

    I love it, awesome.

  5. Fantasmo

    Dope tracks.. I’m definately in love with In Jou! Can’t believe that dude is only 18…

  6. Frank

    And you’re giving this away for free.. +1 like..

  7. EmilyDaft

    This music is pure.. eargasm!

  8. Beatsofrenic ! Proud to know people like u ! for example;
    When the music starts ur always letting me smile.
    Shit’s nice B !

    e.z. Samuel

  9. Jack

    Dope beattape! Keep up the good work!

  10. pianola5

    pretty good stuff!

  11. Loïs

    Wow! This also is really gaga. Go on with this shit. These themes are really dope. See you soon, keep it up!
    Fop ‘m spenie up! rsrsrsrs much love

  12. Marica

    Hey Bro, fantastisch weer! Mooie sounds. Somewhere over the rainbow muziek.

  13. Edge

    Dude, goed bezig man! Catchy, sferische shizzle; helemaal relaxed! Keep on going!!! Zeer benieuwd naar de volgende EP.

  14. Urp

    Yeah this is great.
    Up and down the milkyway

  15. Mike (Author)

    Holy Tits! Good downloading right there!