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Matt Nowlin Jazz Orchestra – The Good News!

Written by Von

On The Good News! Matt Nowlin creates a warm and enjoyable sound that captures a vintage swing feel while being fresh and lively.

Matt Nowlin does a great job of capturing a very minimalistic swing sound, concentrating on building steady grooves that are upbeat and enjoyable to listen to. Here is a small description about The Good News! from Nowlin’s Bandcamp:

These recordings are warm and joyful. They do not attempt to recreate an idea of what jazz used to sound like or should still sound like. They are not trying to push the edges of the music. The band just swings. The musicians on this record strive only after the deep groove beneath all early swing music. On that foundation, the Orchestra places ingenious forms, stretching harmonies and some of jazz music’s best new soloists.

You can purchase The Good News! on Bandcamp here or by going to Matt Nowlin’s official website here.