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This is insanity, but why not?

Written by Ben

Yes, that shirt is real, and three members of the 88 team were involved in the idea. It’s a social experiment, and also we want to see if this can be pulled off, just cause it’d be awesome for us. That shirt is going to cost someone 5k.

We want to see how far people really will go now, to stand out, and be exclusive. It might not sell, who knows? It really doesn’t matter, it’s nothing to us. It’s a side idea that might bring us 5k, why not? That’s kind of the idea anyway, is it all so ridiculous that someone will pay 5k for something we invested no real time in, and is, all things considered, essentially worthless?

We’ll see.

Link to the shirt/sale.

  1. riPaddo

    Hahaha, if this is going to work.. Genius!