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Kuniva (and why you should’ve paid more attention to him)

Written by Ben

Kuniva of D12 is underrated, and next to Proof (and outside of Em) was the best member of D12 skill wise, in my opinion. He seems to be really trying to make a name for himself solo wise nowadays, and released a music video earlier today.

It’s a freestyle over the Warrior (Lloyd Banks) beat.

I suggest that you go back and listen to Shit on You if you doubt Kuniva, and really pay attention to his verse. I think that, at the time, Eminem was so far ahead of the entirety of Hip Hop that he took the spotlight so much that people overlooked the others in D12. Eminem’s verses on Devils Night are some of the best in his career, in my opinion. Eminem, in his prime, going extra hard to impress and make sure he’s competing with his friends is dangerous!

Here is Shit on You, Kuniva’s verse is at 3:35:

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