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The Underrated – Supastition

Written by Ben

Supastition is a rapper from North Carolina, who has been around (officially) since 2002, and if you haven’t heard of him, then you are missing out on an artist who created one of the most underrated Hip Hop albums of all time.

These ‘The Underrated’ posts are usually filled with information, back stories and history connected to the artist(s) or group, but because Supastition is so incredibly underrated, I really don’t know much about him, because not much information is out there about him. What I do know is that his 2005 album Chain letters is one of my favourite albums of all time and definitely massively overlooked. Before that, in 2002, he had 7 Years of Bad Luck and 2004′s The Deadline, both of which are also very good, but Chain Letters the pinnacle of The Buffet the Worked with M-Phazes, Illmind and Nicolay on production.

One of his stand out tracks is this:

It’s called Special Treatment, and it’s from Chain Letters. It’s a song about his different encounters, and bad luck with women. This is one to listen to, or else you won’t be able to appreciate it properly.

And click here to hear who this one is for (but what amount of you are actually going to get that reference?):

This is called Don’t Stop, also from Chain Letters. It’s just extremely organic-Hip-Hop sounding. The beat is by M-Phazes, that alone should give the track credibility.

The couple of things I do know about Supastition, outside of his music, is that one, you can tell, by ear alone, that he is influenced by Masta Ace. Just by listening to his voice and delivery you can hear that, however, even if that wasn’t the case, he has a Masta Ace influenced flow, and two that he is known as Kam Moye nowadays, and his style has changed up a little bit.

He never did make anything else on the level of Chain Letters, and he quit last year (which was announced almost exactly a year ago), but his music from Chain Letters til then is still good music. If you don’t know about Supastition, get to know about him. Google, itunes, amazon, spotify, whatever you have or have access to, do a search.

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  1. Von

    Chain Letters is a classic, its damn near perfect as a hip hop album.

  2. Roel

    True indeed, dope album all around