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[NEWS] Tonedeff Announces Project “Polymer”

Written by Dalena

On Friday August 17th, 2012 at 10:00 PM EST, rapper & singer Tonedeff got on Livestream for another Q&A and asked the viewers “what style of Tonedeff do you want to see on the new project?” reminding his fans that he had a variety of styles he has experimented with in the past.

A fan said along the lines of “All of it, because you are Tonedeff!” and that was the exact answer to propel the discussion towards his upcoming project Polymer.


[pol-uh-mer] noun

a compound of high molecular weight derived by the addition of many smaller molecules comprising of synthetic materials with a wide variety of properties.

As you may or may not know, Tonedeff is a versatile individual, a compound held together by many smaller talents. He is an entrepreneur, a songwriter, an emcee, a producer, a designer, a singer, and let’s not forget his uncanny resemblance to Rocky the Squirrel.

Even with his many talents under the art umbrella, Tone still manages to have a wide range of styles under his role as an emcee. One particular style isn’t what defines Tone as an emcee, but all of the styles he has worked with. This is the same concept for Tone’s Polymer project.

Polymer will consist of 4 separate EPs. Each EP presents a different face or “molecule” of Tonedeff: All completely different styles cohesive and together when they are collected to form the project Polymer. Polymer was announced to be produced completely synthetically to follow along the idea of Polymer’s synthetic structure. EPs 1-3 will be released in seperate intervals for free to download on Bandcamp. The fourth EP is only available as a physical collector’s edition that will include the three previous EPs to conclude the entire project as a macromolecule.

Tondeff has already announced Glutton as the title for the first EP to drop sometime at the end of September.

For future updates check out Tonedeff’s Twitter, Facebook, and QN5.

  1. Tone hands down is one of the coolest bruddas in the game.

    Im sure this will be amazing like everything else.