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[SUBMISSION/FREE DOWNLOAD] Native Souls – Fully Fundamental

Written by Ben

Native Souls are a Hip Hop duo from California consisting of Junoflo & Apaullo, and they have, or one of them has, sent in their newest project ‘Fully Fundamental’, which they say is paying homage to the classics.

Both emcees have nice, tight flows, snugly in the snares, and they also sound comfortable and decently experienced on the mic, delivering their vocals confidently, and solidly. They keep it refreshingly simple lyrically technically, most of the time, seemingly out of choice, considering that I can hear more advanced writing techniques being used at times, sprinkled throughout. The simplicity is pulled off.

There is a lot of potential here, a few kinks to be worked out, such as a few minor slip ups in the flow throughout, but a lot of potential. Keep your eye out, and ears open, for Native Souls.

This is a free download through a mediafire link provided on their bandcamp, although you are able to donate if you’d like to donate to the artists, also through bandcamp, if you click ‘buy now’, you can give as little as $5. Also, like Native Souls on facebook here, subscribe to them on youtube here, listen to them via soundcloud here, and follow them on twitter here.