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[ORIGINAL CONTENT] 88 Till Infinity Presents – The Journey of Discovery LP

Written by Ben

The Journey of Discovery is a concept/compilation album, consisting of tracks by some of your favourite beatmakers, such as Evil Needle and Ta-Ku, and some completely unknown beatmakers also, put together by us, 88 Till Infinity. For you. For free.

We wanted to depict, instrumentally, the journey of discovery, and so, with the help of some talented producers, that is what we done. We arranged the instrumentals to take you through the journey as you listen. This goes from the moment of conception, to implementation, to the moment where life is noticeably never going to be the same on an existential level – your consciousness has expanded.

P.S. We only put ‘LP’ in the title because it sounded catchy. The official title has no ‘LP’ in it, and there is no LP coming with this. There is no physical version.

1. The Bobby Quine Experiment – Dimensional Travel
2. Evil Needle – Loungin
3. Beatsofreen – Between Dolphins
4. DEAD HORSE BEATS – If I Had A Little Love
5. SABeats – Journey To Space
6. Rckmo – Smokemachine
7. Courtland Urbano – Gravel
8. DEAD HORSE BEATS – Endless Bummer
9. Ta-Ku – Lifetime
10. Luvca – Fantasy

Links to everybody involved:

Evil Needle:






The Bobby Quine Experiment:

Courtland Urbano:


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