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Written by Ben

Miilkbone is a rapper from New Jersey who came out in 1995, and disappointingly his name is probably most known for being included in Eminem’s Just Don’t Give a Fuck ‘I’m nicer than Pete, but I’m on a Search to crush a Miilkbone, I’m everlasting, I melt Vanilla Ice like silicone’.

Even then, I’d imagine most Eminem fans won’t even get the reference, nevermind know who Miilkbone is. He was never very successful, and quit in the early 00s. He is a steel worker nowadays, and heavily into bodybuilding. The problem was, at least in part, from my perspective, that he was far too ahead of his time to be appreciated (a truly nice, serious white rapper, with ‘urban’ appeal, before Em?! No way!).

His most successful song is Keep It Real, from his 1995 album ‘Da Milkrate’:

And even then, most people will know the beat more from the Big L and Jay Z radio freestyle, rather than the original song.

Talking of Big L, Miilkbone was using techniques that, at the time only people like Big L and Lord Finesse (Kool G Rap, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, pre-Capital Punishment Big Pun) were using. All over Da Milkrate, there’s great punch lines, too, considering the time:

“brave as a bodybuilder doing squats on rocks”, “it’s way over your head like a midget with a jump rope”, “beating me? You might as well be sweeping deserts”, “I’ll cut off your thumbs and tell your ass to hitch hike home” and something about “your jaw” being a place for his “fist to crash”, I don’t remember the line exactly. Some of them would be played out today, but were great for back then.

The album also samples tracks from Illmatic numerous times, and on a semi-related note, we recently posted Elmatic by Elzhi, which is a tribute to Nas’ Illmatic.

He released another album in 2001 called “U Got Miilk?”, but after that, he essentially disappeared. He really should’ve been more successful than he was, at least in the underground.

You should at least check out Da Milkrate if you can find it anywhere. It’s an extremely underrated album. Miilkbone is possibly the first white rapper to use advanced rhyming skills and the like that officially released any sort of material.

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