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[VIDEO] Dig The Country Ep.3: Utrecht (Record convention)

Our very good friend and Stray Cat (The Stray Cats is a group) RiPaddo has been creating a series called Dig The Country. This time he’s in Utrecht with Sarinoah and Stasiics. We’ve covered and supported episode 2 and 1 as well for obvious reasons. It’s dope. Enjoy episode 3!


Dig The Country Ep.2: Leeuwarden

Remember this? If not, then Dig The Country is a series by 88 friend and associate ripaddo where he travels the country (The Netherlands) in search of record stores, in order to find a record to sample. There is a new beat every episode, from the chosen record.


Dig The Country Episode 1 Amsterdam

“Dig The Country” is an upcoming series that’s about crate digging and beatmaking thought of and produced by Ricardo aka RiPaddo.