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Freestyle Friday Part 59

This week we were a little more into freestyling, as we selected a few extra beats. Hope you’ve enjoyed our picks thus far and for part 59 of 88 Till Infinity’s Freestyle Friday we have three more beats for you to rhyme over.


Freestyle Friday Part 58

Our longest running series, Freestyle Friday is back with part 58 and 3 more dope instrumentals to throw on in the cypher. This week features beats from MC Juice, Planet Asia and Shurik’n.


Soulfluenced Saturday Part 22

This weeks track is a deep track, literally, it’s called Deep. Great lyrics, great vibe, great instrumental and so on.


Freestyle Friday Part 57

Freestyle Friday was neglected last week and so part 57 is a double FF! This week features 6 beats from producers such as KLIM beats, Suff Daddy, Sevnth Wonder, M-Phazes, Nine Taels and The Procussions.