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Shine Some Light On: Onra and “Chinoiseries”

It’s no coincidence that we should highlight the talents of Onra on Chinese New Year.


Shine some light on: Arts the Beatdoctor

If you’re Japanese or Dutch you probably are familiar with Arts. He is huge in Japan thanks to his brainchild Transitions and experienced just a fraction of the recognition he deserved in his own country The Netherlands. We love Arts the Beatdoctor so we are going to shine a little light on his amazing work.


[Shine Some Light On] Juice

I shouldn’t have to do this post. The fact I have to is an abomination. This man is a legend, and quite possibly the best freestyler alive, and ever. Shame on you, Hip Hop.


Shine Some Light On: Darrius Willrich

Darrius Willrich is a Soul/Neo Soul singer-songwriter, and composer, from Seattle (from what I can gather from the limited information out there about him), who I found in about 2009. He is as talented as he is underrated and unknown.