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The Underrated – Giant Panda

We want to take you back to the highly underrated Giant Panda. From the album “Fly School Reunion” we take you back to one of their dopest tracks “With it”.


In Defense of Drake

Yes, you read that right. I am going to defend Drake, because pretentious ‘Hip Hop heads’ have decided, without reason, that Drake is one of the worst things out, and ever, when that, objectively, isn’t true, and here is why.


The Underrated – Klashnekoff

Klashnekoff is a highly underrated emcee from The UK, who has been properly active since about 2004. When it comes to his mix of lyrical complexity, lyrical content, and musicianship, he is arguably The UK’s best, at actually making music.


The Underrated – Pre 2007 Fabolous

A lot of people aware of Fabolous now might question this post, however, before he intentionally decided to dumb down, he was incredibly underrated. The music from back then still is. Here is why.