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[AUDIO] Dave Chappelle Best Of

Dave Chappelle is one of the best comedians in the world, is well respected and regarded as a legend, someone recently took the time to compile a 7 hour “best of” featuring interviews, stand up and other clips.


What do you know about dogboarding?

We love culture and culture loves us, but we had never heard of dogboarding. I bet you didn’t either, did you? Dogboarding is a new pro sport that was made up from skateboarding and walking the dog. Hitting two birds with one stone took on a whole new meaning.


The Opie & Anthony Show

Opie & Anthony are a long running radio duo now on sirius/xm, their show is one of the most popular satellite radio shows in The United States and Canada as well as being known world wide. Featuring interviews with celebrities, politicians and comedians, the show is always extremely varied and at times, incredibly wild and outlandish.


The Hits of the Westboro Baptist Church

Not only do they possess innate knowledge of what God is thinking, God’s personality, the unchanging truth, and absolute morality, they are also extremely talented, and creative, and so will fit right in at 88.