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The Revival, Episode 3: Camp Lo (Parts 1 & 2)

Anyone remember this series? It’s a series by The MC Media Group where Hip Hop veterans are met with, and spoken to (as opposed to just stared at), in order to perhaps play a part in the revival of Hip Hop as it was, when a certain standard had to be met before you were taken seriously.


The Revival, Ep. 02: Ski Beatz

The Revival is a series with the basic idea being to play a part in bringing about a ‘revival’ of Hip Hop as Hip Hop heads know/remember it. This is episode 2. Episode 1, with Pete Rock, is here.


How to get the attention of the people you really want to without being an annoying asshole

Promoting yourself to people with influence can be a daunting task because of the exact reason you want to get their attention. Often out of desperation, people will resort to repetitive, elementary, mindless tactics, this almost always makes you come across as an annoying asshole.

the revival 1 pete rock

“The Revival” Episode 01: Pete Rock

The MC Media Group, which our friend Maria happens to be part of, have started an online series called ‘The Revival’. The idea is to play a part in the revival of Hip Hop as Hip Hop heads know/remember it, through recorded encounters with influential artists.