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Live, right now! Protest Rock A Rail powered by Monster

Don’t miss out on the amazing action that is happening right now in The Hague during the Protest Rock a Rail. Watch the live stream below and don’t miss out!


Wakeskating: Fishy Fridays

I’ve had the honors of interviewing Dutch professional wakeskater Geert Nielen for Reload Magazine a while back. Wakeskating is still up and coming and will continue to do so untill it has made it’s way to the Olympics as it should.


The kite movie: Tarified 2011

It’s here, the kite movie of kite surfer Geert Jan Telkamp. Go watch that ish!


Raily 2 blind pop out

What the hell is a “Raily 2 blind pop out” you ask? Easily a dope move if you’re a kite surfer. Geert Jan Telkamp from the Netherlands pops this trick out in Tarifa representing some good ol’ 88 till infinity tune delivered by St/Mic.