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Anthony David

I know nothing about this guy, I just recently found out about him, and at the most unexpected place, too (at least for me). When I first heard him, I assumed he was from the early 00s. Little did I know that he was an artist from the present, and not only that, but that the song playing was a newer track of his.


Universal Waste

There is a theory that says we are (or the universe is) the product of a white hole. Even that we are (or the univese is) a white hole. A white hole is the opposite of a black hole, and instead of eating all energy up, it spits it out. The energy it spits out is said to come from a black hole, from another universe, so it could be compared to a universal umbilical chord, with the original universe with the black hole, almost birthing the new.


88tillinfinity x Beatsofreen: Our first musical release!

Ahhhhh. Soon. Soon. Finally. We can tell you that our first musical release is on it’s way. We are very proud to announce our very first piece of instrumental art. We guess the title is pretty self explanatory but still, we want to elaborate on this release, because we are really vain like that.


The man behind the label: Timeless Daimyo

Big homie St/MiC has several success stories worldwide. His early instrumental releases were exclusive for Japan through Libyus Music and Yanase Productions, Japanese labels based in Tokyo.