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Critical Thinking: Argument A Field Guide

Here is an extremely simple and well made short series on critical thinking and logic. The graphics are enjoyable to watch as well as being well designed and the points are explained simply and in an easy to understand manner without sacrificing the content.


What is this?

Where are we? What is happening?


Clint Mansell-Man Behind the Mood

I’m shameless when it comes to talking about Clint Mansell, I just can’t help it, the man is amazing. When I first watched Requiem for a Dream and Pi, I knew the scoring was the dynamic part of the film, more so than others (not to suggest that Aronofsky isn’t a talented director by all means).


The Joe Rogan Experience

The Joe Rogan Experience is the highly  successful podcast from comedian, Fear Factor host and UFC commentator, Joe Rogan. With nearly 200 episodes, it has gained acclaim widely online and is one of the top rated podcasts on iTunes.