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Illmaculate – Skrill Talk

Legendary Portland based battle rapper Illmaculate returns with his latest LP, Skrill Talk. Featuring a slew of ill rappers and producers, the LP maintains a solid sound and style while being varied enough not to become boring.


Evacuated Tube Transportation (ETT)

Evacuated Tube Transportation is a type of transport that works by getting rid of almost all air in a tube, allowing for the elimination of friction. A little ‘capsule’ with people (or other things) in it would essentially being travelling through a vacuum.


Clear Soul Forces interview

At 88 we have quite recently become fans of Clear Soul Forces, with us posting about them twice in a relatively short period. You can find those posts here and here. We done a quick text interview with them, and here it is.


Drone beats and electric waves of awesome

Swiss beatmaker Chief delivers “Drone Beats & Electric Waves”, a collection of haunting and bewitching instrumentals crafted specifically for this project.