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Asian Elvis: The Mixtape

D-Sisive is without a doubt one of our favorite MC’s and overall artists. He has an amazing mind and the fact he resurrects Asian Elvis is proof of said mind.


Pitch & Scratch

Pitch & Scratch are/is a Nu Funk/Hip Hop production duo from Germany, brought to our attention by their publicist Jada. We instantly liked their music, and so we are putting it out into the internets, hoping you enjoy it too.


Spikey Spike: Making The Track Part #1

Dutch producer Spikey Spike is looking for you! Wait, only if you are a singer or rapper though. Are you going to fit his track perfectly? Find out!


Couch Brothers – Electric Gypsy 2.1

Kazu and Maikal X are Couch Brothers, meeting in Holland while travelling as gypsies the two started making music together and the genre hopping duo was born.